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Best weapon and why ds3

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Mar 18, 2018 · Given that 80% of the hosts or summons I invade use the straight sword, I would say the best weapon is a straight sword. I don’t think there is any equal, especially when you consider, speed, damage, reach, spammability and ease of use. And in this game it has a weird phantom hitbox. Unfortunately, this.

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Best weapon in DS3? There is not a best weapon in the game. Whatever you’re good with and like is what’s best for you. Use the weapon Dex scaling is pretty weak so don’t use dex weapons they are fast but meant for the faster draw in Pvp. Focus on str and a element then get the biggest friggn weapon that scales with str and your element

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It is important to note that DS3 (unlike DS2) penalizes split damage type weapons and lower attack rating but faster hitting weapons. This is not to say that such weapons are objectively bad, simply that such weapons will likely do less DPS than you would expect them to.

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Apr 19, 2016 · With the new weapon arts and the addition of the FP system, there’s plenty to love when picking a weapon right for you.

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For example the deacons are really easy with a big swingy weapon, and can be a pain in the ass with, for example, a whip. Personally it’s a toss up between straight swords, curved swords and greatswords. At that point it’s just a matter of what will give you the best damage for your current build.

Top responsesRedditObligatory «everything is viable in PvE» comment My personal favorite weapon for PvE is the Hollowslayer. Deals good damage since it’s a greatsword, … read more8 votesOnce I got the Moonlight Greatsword the rest of the game felt like cake. Since durability doesn’t matter at all in this game it’s super easy to just spam the … read more5 votesCarthus curved sword is not only a good PVP weapon (obviously) but actually a fantastic PVE one as well. Good bleed damage and then if you buff it it’s even … read more3 votesSS and shield for ease. Twinblades for melting through everything if you’re competent.2 votesI love my bleed bandits knife.2 votes«Best» as in «makes the game easiest»? Probably a straight sword. «Best» as in «most fun»? Consider Great Club!1 voteSee all

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While Uchigatana may not exactly be the most devastating weapon of the bunch, it’s still the best weapon due to its versatility and easy attainability. In fact, you can set your eyes on it at the start of the game without worrying what build you will focus on later.


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Any weapon with the Stance weapon art is a fine choice. Stanced strong attacks have hyperarmor, even on straight swords, and reduce incoming damage by 50% during the attack which is awesome for trades.

Top responsesRedditLothric knight GS all day. Stomp is my jam. Dragonslayer Axe is a good choice too. At 60 faith try physical infusing with as much of that base stat as possible and … read more5 votesIt really depends on if you’re primarily doing PVE or PVP. At 60 Faith, Yorshka’s Chime has the highest spellbuff (247) of any miracle catalyst. It’s the go to … read more4 votesCheck out revan619 most recent video on blessed weapons. Trust me you will be shocked.3 votesTry putting points into dex and refining the Astora great sword. And than buff it with lightning blade2 votesTry Raw Dragonslayers Axe buffed with lightning blade for super high lightning damage. I pair that with Wolnirs greatsword for a good physical … read more1 voteSee all

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The Dark Sword is a great weapon. Here’s how to get it. Dark Souls 3: Dark Sword farming guide. The Dark Sword is one of the most popular weapons in Dark Souls 3 as of 1.03, because it is rad.

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Dec 01, 2018 · The best and most effective weapon in the game, built from basic and generally available components. It enables remote activation of traps and development of electrical barriers

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It’s only good in dead space 3 if you have +3+3 chips and MK V weapon parts on it. If you have dead space 2 I recommend the force gun over any gun. And if your wanting to get a DLC for dead space2, get the Martial Law pack because it is the best weapon pack in the game.