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‘Fire Emblem Warriors’: After Twenty Years, ‘Musou’ Games May Finally Be Ready For Their Moment

‘Fire Emblem Warriors’: After Twenty Years, ‘Musou’ Games

The ‘Musou’ series of hack-and-slash games has weathered more than twenty years of life, and may be in for an impending renaissance.

‘Fire Emblem Warriors’: After Twenty Years, ‘Musou’ Games

I burst into the outpost and sow chaos. I am a bull, and each inch of the map is my very own private china store.Hearth Emblem Warriors, launched earlier this fall for the Nintendo Swap, is an amalgamation of Nintendo’s Hearth Emblem sequence of medieval fantasy-themed techniques video games.

‘Fire Emblem Warriors’: After Twenty Years, ‘Musou’ Games

‘Fire Emblem Warriors’: After Twenty Years, ‘Musou’ Games May Finally Be Ready For Their Moment Buzz Culture The battlefield is turning on a narrow point, and I am a whirlwind of swords, the center of a raucous, violent symphony.

Fire Emblem Warriors Has Been Announced – Nintendo Life

Yes they finally did what I thought they should had done and that is a Fire Emblem Warriors game. This is awesome, this is the true IP that is perfect to be a warriors title.

Fire Emblem Warriors is so good. : NintendoSwitch – reddit

Discussion Fire Emblem Warriors is so good. While it isn’t a full fledged Fire Emblem game, it’s a fun musou spin off game that takes a lot more elements from the main series than you’d think. Supports, pairing, and even the option to play with the perma loss of units. I got into Fire Emblem a couple of years ago and I love it, and I

Top responsesRedditI am glad you guys are enjoying game. I am surprised there aren’t more posts on this reddit regarding the launch of Fire Emblem, not even a banner … read more260 votesThis is the polar opposite to the reaction the game got on the fire emblem sub. I totaly agree, got the limited edition and have 8 hours of playtime already.68 votesI really enjoy it. I was already familiar with Hyrule Warriors (which surprised me at the time, I wasn’t expecting much and really enjoyed it). It’s HW with … read more20 votesThe game is really fun but for some reason its getting alot of hate. I’m a huge fire emblem fan and have been for a very long time and loving the hell out of Warriors … read more17 votesIt just looks gorgeous and the FE elements are a ton of fun, it has just been a blast to play all day.15 votesReally wonderful game, worthy of way more attentions here! This one and DQW II is my favorite muso-games so far.15 votesSee all

Fire Emblem Warriors is vampirising all my play time even

If you liked Hyrule Warriors, and even better like Fire Emblem too, go ahead ! I won’t lie, there is a lot of fan service here, so if you don’t know anything about Fire Emblem, you may still enjoy the game, but won’t feel the need to unlock all the characters like I do.

Top responsesRedditI bought it with my Switch because I’m a huge FE fan, but haven’t really started it. I also have a copy of Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle I want to dig into, but all of … read more13 votesIt’s actually crazy how much I love playing Fire Emblem Warriors. It’s just so cathartic to smash all those dudes. More than that though, considering each of your … read more12 votesSo much fun! It’s my go to game to play while watching Netflix with my wife. Until XC2 that is.4 votesI also stopped playing SMO a little before it’s end and went back to playing Fire Emblem Warriors. (Also Xenoblade Chronicles 3D.)3 votesSame here! Played for >70 hours and still have tonnes to do.3 votesThink I’m at or a little over 100 hours in FE:W now and I love it. It’s amazing.3 votesSee all

Fire Emblem Warriors –

The game wonderfully implements Fire Emblem features like the affinity system and the class changes, which makes it feel like a true Fire Emblem A Musou game that includes interesting improvements from its predecessor, Hyrule Warriors, but also new flaws.

Review: Fire Emblem Warriors: Two good series merged into

With the age of the Wii U over, the age of the Switch has come, and Nintendo is trying to make lightning strike twice with the recently released Fire Emblem Warriors. Fire Emblem has much more in common with Dynasty Warriors than The Legend of Zelda does.

Fire Emblem Warriors (Nintendo Switch) Review – Page 1

Of course, Warriors is a real-time beat ’em up first and foremost, so by incorporating Fire Emblem’s pre- and mid-battle tactical options, Fire Emblem Warriors becomes the game that Warriors fans have been waiting for for some time.

Fire Emblem Warriors Review (Switch) | Nintendo Life

While the turn-based tactics of the Fire Emblem series may be gone, there’s still a strategic element to proceedings – even more so than is usual in a Warriors game.

Fire Emblem Warriors Review Thread | NeoGAF

Oct 18, 2017 · And so Fire Emblem Warriors, as a game that’s all about the characters, is a near on perfect realisation of both franchises. It is so razor-focused on giving players the ability to take control of some of their favourite heroes from the Fire Emblem universe that it’s almost pure fanservice.

FE Warriors at TGS – Page 17 – Fire Emblem Warriors

Sep 21, 2017 · C) Probably the most important thing in Musou games are their side modes. Before Lyn was leak History mode was announced. You really can’t have that mode with only one character from their game you need at the very least 4 which Lyn and Celica don’t have.

Fire Emblem Community | Anime Game Of Thrones | ResetEra

Oct 28, 2017 · Mystery of the Emblem is notable for essentially containing two games in one: an abridged 16-bit remake of the original Fire Emblem game, and a whole new sequel that continues the story of Marth’s adventures.

Dynasty Warriors (Video Game) – TV Tropes

Fire Emblem Warriors, based on the Fire Emblem series. Hyrule Warriors, but in 3, the enemy officers can recover their health almost instantly after using their musou attacks, then 3 more years until the Fall of Wei and the Rise of Jin, and finally 14 more years until the Fall of Wu.

Warriors Orochi 3 – Wikipedia

Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper. The Wii U port of the game, Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper (Musou Orochi 2 Hyper in Japan) was announced at the Tokyo Game Show 2012 as one of the launch titles for the console. Unlike past releases, this port launched outside Japan first.

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