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The 25 Best WordPress Plug-Ins

The 25 Best WordPress Plug-Ins |

Apr 03, 2018 · The 25 Best WordPress Plug-Ins WordPress powers some of the Web’s top sites and it can work for yours, too. Get the most out of it with these excellent plug-ins that extend its functionality.

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Top 25 Best Free WordPress Plugins for Every Website (2018)

Best Free WordPress Plugins for Creating Content of All Types Whether you want to create a contact form, build more beautiful pages, or add eCommerce functionality to …

The 25 Best WordPress Plug-Ins | Fox Business

There are more than 43,000 WordPress plug-ins available as I write this piece. The upside? There are a ton of plug-ins to choose from. The downside? There are a ton of plug-ins to choose from.

Top 25 WordPress Plugins for Sidebars and Widgets (2018)

SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle (FREE) Let’s kick things off with an excellent all-in-one widgets plugin …

25+ Best Social Media Plugins For WordPress in 2018

Monarch Social Media Sharing Plugin for WordPress. Monarch is the premium social sharing …

The 25 Best WordPress Plug-Ins – Baker Interactive

I’ve tested numerous WordPress plug-ins—both good and bad—to compile this list of the best that will help your site perform like a champ. And they do it without costing you a cent, because these plug-ins are all free (although some do offer premium levels with additional functionality).

The 25 Best WordPress Plug-Ins –

articleQuick question: Do you know what IFC, The New York Post, The Walt Disney Company, and WNBA have in common? Ponder the answer for a moment, as the tie …

The 25 Best WordPress Plugins for Your Blog or a Business

The 25 best WordPress plugins for your blog. Let’s start! WordPress plugins for blog security. Keeping your WordPress blog shielded is essential. Hackers use “bots” – automatic software programs, to discover vulnerabilities in the installation and gain access to the blog. Once inside, they can install malicious scripts, use the hosting

20 Best WordPress Plugins 2018 – Essential Plugins for

Jetpack (Freemium) A powerful plugin from the brilliant team behind the WordPress software itself …

24 Must Have WordPress Plugins and Tools for Business

SeedProd is the best WordPress coming soon and maintenance page plugin in the market. It comes with a real-time page builder that gives you access to 500,000+ background images, 750+ Google Fonts & 50+ ready-made templates.

Top 10 Best WordPress Plugins Essential for your blog! (2018)

And the Google XML Sitemaps plugin is one of the top WordPress plugins for giving your site just what it needs. By creating an XML sitemap, your site is much easier for Google to crawl and read, thus helping your site rank higher.

25 Best SEO Plugins For WordPress You Need To Know Right Now

May 18, 2018 · 25 best SEO plugins for WordPress: #1. a3 Lazy Load. This plugin speeds up the page load speed of your site. It is easy to set up and it works best on content heavy sites. The plugin admin settings can be used to determine which elements are to be lazy loaded.

25+ Best WordPress Plugins for Marketers – sourcewp

This plugin is known to be one of the best Google Analytics plugins, and the downloads of this plugin are roughly assumed to reach 11 million. The process behind this is very simple. You can connect Google Analytics with WP by just adding the tracking code.

Best WordPress Plugins – WP Site Care

Jeez, maybe I don’t hate WordPress plugins as much as I thought I did.