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Trooper upgrades cards (heavy weapon)

Trooper upgrades cards (heavy weapon) | Star Wars: Legion

Mar 23, 2018 · «Trooper upgrades add specific trooper minis to a unit, represented by unique sculpts to easily identify them. These minis always share the defense value, wound threshold, and weapons of the unit card they are equipped to, but may have an additional weapon of their own.»

Rule clarification: Trooper Upgrade Cards (Heavy Weapon

3 hours ago, Kieransi said: The real problem is what can be considered marked cards. If the alt-art cards are even slightly different in texture, color, etc., using them in your deck can be considered cheating. Thats why character cards make good alt-art cards, because theres no way to cheat usin

Article up on the Personel expansions – Star Wars: Legion

«Personnel and heavy weapon upgrades can add trooper So the effect of adding an officer or other specialist to a squad will be +1 to number of basic unit card weapon attacks, and +1 to wounds, in addition to the card text.

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There are different ways to customize a unit, such as adding an additional trooper, an alternative weapon, or a force ability. However, each unit is limited in which upgrade type and how many of each upgrade it can equip. When building an army, a player can field upgrades for his units by paying

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Heavy Weapon is a category of upgrade in Star Wars: Legion. Units that can equip a Heavy Weapon upgrade are:

Fleet Troopers – Never Tell Me The Odds

Weapon Upgrades: Fleet troopers can load up with two different heavy weapon options: the Scattergun and the MPL-B Grenade Launcher. I’m definitely more in favor of the former than the latter.

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In addition to all the ways to improve their damage by taking upgrade cards, Aim actions are inherently better on Stormtroopers. They can take Gear and Grenade upgrades, in addition to the Personnel and Heavy Weapon upgrades. it is it’s own weapon, so with this, a Heavy Weapon trooper, and the generic weapon, your squad could make 3

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MPL-57 Ion Trooper – 32 points – This is a bit more pricey for a «Heavy Weapons» upgrade – you’re paying more than half the price again for an expanded squad (with the Rebel Trooper upgrade – 50 points) to bring this guy along. But for those points, you get 2 Red attack dice from Range 1-3.

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Heavy weapons troopers commonly display an additional weapon profile on their upgrade card. When you’re attacking with this unit, you can choose to have the heavy weapon miniature attack with the weapon shown on its upgrade card—though it may also use the weapons on its unit card if you prefer.

Prepare for Ground Assault

This expansion includes 7 Stormtrooper figures, 2 of which are Heavy Weapon troopers. It also includes 5 upgrade cards (2 of these match the Heavy Weapon minis). Rebel Troopers have 4 upgrade slots: Heavy Weapons, Personnel, Gear, and Grenades. Below are the upgrades that come in the Fleet Trooper expansion, relevant upgrades that come in

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Weapon unlocks and customisation. The next part of the levelling system is Card Level. The different trooper classes, heroes, starfighters and hero ships each have their own Card Level in

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Jun 26, 2018 · This expansion includes 7 Stormtrooper figures, 2 of which are Heavy Weapon troopers. It also includes 5 upgrade cards (2 of these match the Heavy Weapon minis). Stormtroopers are fairly well-rounded but tend to lack consistent damage.