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Urban Dictionary: holy-santa-claus-shit

Urban Dictionary: holy-santa-claus-shit

a word used usually during the holidays, after opening an amazing present. Also was used in the movie StepBrothers.

Urban Dictionary: Holy Schnikes!!!

Holy schnikes, Fedor Emelianenko is raping Brock Lesnar! And not just figuratively, he’s actually raping him/it! And not just figuratively, he’s actually raping him/it! #oh …

Urban Dictionary: #holy santa claus shit

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Urban Dictionary: Holy Schnizzle

the Jesus version of saying holy shit. Urban Dictionary and our advertising partners set cookies on your computer to improve our site and the advertisements you see.

Urban Dictionary: holy s***

Holy shit is used as an exclamation to emphasize (1) utter bewilderment, (2) excitement, or (3) disgust.When used as an independent statement it is used to describe a situation metaphorically as (4) a perfect shit storm, meaning that a person would have difficulty imagining a way to design a worse circumstance than what has just occurred.

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Urban Dictionary: santa claus

The term «Santa Claus» is an American distortion of the Dutch name «San Niccolaus», meaning «Saint Nicolas». He is known by many other names around the world, such as » Kris Kringle » in some places and «Father Christmas» in Great Britain.

What does Shit Santa mean in Urban Dictionary?

an individual who leaves a turd behind in a toilet, typically community. Frequently, this «gift» is really covered with wc paper and so large that the lavatory cannot be flushed safely.Like Santa Claus, Shit Santa is celebrated rather than seen.

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An unreasonably thrifty person. (Flint is a semiprecious mineral a relative of quartz, and the notion that the greediest person would keep flint shavings for economy).

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