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Warhead Junction

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Warhead Junction – Heroes Counters

Warhead Junction. This list of best heroes for Warhead Junction is generated from votes submitted by the player community. You can contribute to this list by voting your opinion.

Warhead Junction – Heroes of the Storm Wiki

Jun 16, 2018 · The Warhead Junction is a three-lane battleground. Collect Warheads as they periodically spawn in order to activate a Nuke. Collect Warheads as they periodically spawn in order to activate a Nuke. Launch the Nukes to destroy the enemy team’s structures.

Warhead Junction – Heroes of the Storm

Warhead Junction. Explore the battleground. Map Objectives. Warhead Deployment. Multiple Warheads spawn periodically across the battleground. Collect Warheads. Pick up a Warhead to activate your Nuke. Use it or you will drop it when you die! Call Down the Thunder.

Warhead Junction Patch Notes

Warhead Junction – Fixed an issue causing players to be incorrectly flagged as AFK when standing near or collecting Warheads. Warhead Junction – Fixed an issue preventing the damage-over-time effect applied by the Boss’s Podling spawns from being cleansed by abilities intended to …

Warhead Junction: Tips and Tricks – BlizzPro’s Heroes Of

Warhead Junction is the newest battleground in Heroes of the Storm. While there isn’t yet a definitive strategy for how to play this map, there are quite a few little knowledge bombs available that you can use against your opponents.

Warhead Junction: Map analysis and showmatch breakdown

Warhead Junction Warhead Junction is a very large, three-lane battleground, similar to Sky Temple. The objective, nuclear warheads, is an objective like no other battleground has seen before. The warheads spawn on three different locations on each the top, middle, and bottom lane, and can be collected by heroes.

Warhead Junction PSA : heroesofthestorm – reddit

Edit: IMO games end way too quickly on Warhead Junction. Nukes should scale with time (rather than a single 14-minute power spike), deal reduced damage overall, deal significantly reduced damage to core, or a combination of the 3.

Heroes of the Storm: Zarya & Warhead Junction Update

Oct 06, 2016 · Warhead Junction pits two teams fighting for warheads. These warheads can be used to nuke a large area, dealing massive damage to all enemies (including buildings) in that area. If a hero dies with a warhead, their warhead drops; leading to another fight over possession.

Heroes of the Storm Soundtrack – Warhead Junction – YouTube

May 30, 2017 · The music of Heroes of the Storm has made its way out of the Nexus and into your hands! Listen to 15 unique tracks inspired by the High Heavens, the …

HotS | Warhead Junction Guide – Tips & Tricks | Boosting

Warhead Junction is a map from the Starcraft franchise. Once a testing facility for nuclear weapons, Warhead Junction has since fallen into ruin. However, the site’s abandonment hasn’t stopped its glitchy adjutant from continuing to produce and hand out nuclear weapons.

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