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Why Isn’t Lauren Graham In ‘Bad Santa 2’? The Star’s Absence Actually Makes Sense

Why Isn’t Lauren Graham In ‘Bad Santa 2’? The Star’s

And even if featuring Sue in Bad Santa 2 had make sense, Graham’s schedule like would’ve prevented it from happening.

Bad Santa 2 Has Found Billy Bob Thornton’s Foul-Mouthed Mom

Bad Santa 2 just cast Billy Bob Thornton’s mother, and you’re never going to believe who’s going to go toe-to-toe with everyone’s favorite antiheroic mall Santa.

Bad Santa 2 Adds Mad Men Star Christina Hendricks

Get details on the Bad Santa 2 Christina Hendricks character. The Mad Men actress is the love interest to Willie (Billy Bob Thornton) in the comedy sequel.

6 Ways ‘Bad Santa’ Ruined ‘Gilmore Girls’ Forever – Bustle

Either way, you would think that one redeeming quality would be that it also stars Lauren Graham, but by doing so, Bad Santa just manages to completely ruin Gilmore Girls.

Bad Santa 2 is Bad Santa, minus what made it weird and

Does one Santa beating up another while a crowd looks on seem like clever, original comedy? Are you in the mood for cruelty, insults, and humiliation? Then by all means, go see Bad Santa 2.

The Bad Santa 2 Red-Band Trailer Packs In Nudity, Swearing

Of course, Bad Santa 2 does contain a fair amount of cast changes. Notably absent is Gilmore Girls and Parenthood actress Lauren Graham who played Sue in the original movie.

‘Bad Santa 2’ Review: Billy Bob Thornton’s St. Nick Never

Dumped by his ex (“Bad Santa” co-star Lauren Graham, absent here) and living in an Arizona motel room designed to break the human spirit, his two constants are alcoholism and Thurman Merman

‘Bad Santa 2’ Is An Airplane-Worthy Sequel To A Modern Classic

Nov 22, 2016 · R.I.P., Bad Santa 2, Dead After An Unnecessary Battle With Sequelitis If nothing else, Bad Santa 2 will make you appreciate Bad Santa, which isn’t a bad thing. Bad Santa is a …

Bad Santa 2 is the season’s first turkey and is not funny

Bad Santa 2 (15) Rating: The 2003 film Bad Santa was outrageously crass and crude, practically the definition of an off-colour comedy, but it was also the antidote to sickly-sweet Christmas movies

Parenthood’s Lauren Graham Is Not Afraid to Hump a Chair

In other words, the complete antithesis of everything the Lauren Graham of Gilmore Girls and Parenthood has come to represent. By Dan Steinberg/AP Photo.There are two very different Lauren Grahams.

Bad Santa 2 drops coal in our stockings: review | The Star

Willie has split from Sue (Lauren Graham), the gal with a Kris Kringle fetish from Bad Santa, but along comes charity boss Diana (Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks, deserving better) who can’t

‘Bad Santa 2’: Why being bad is in (and funny) |

The release of Bad Santa 2 could not come at a better time. As a society, we have finally reached peak badness. Since the release of the original Bad Santa, the cinema has been littered with

Bad Santa (11/12) Movie CLIP – Wooden Pickle (2003) HD

Oct 01, 2011 · The mall’s manager (John Ritter, in his last film appearance) is certain something’s wrong with the Santa he’s hired, so he asks the mall’s chief of security (Bernie Mac) to do some research on

Bad Santa 2 Trailers, Release Date, and Everything to Know

Bad Santa 2 Release Date. So if you want to know when you can unwrap this filthy and must-have present, take comfort in knowing you don’t have to wait until the 12 Days of Christmas.